Housing Plans Open For Comment

South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC) has now appointed a case officer for the Vanderbilt Homes ‘reserved matters’ planning application for the housing development on the corner of Fieldside and Didcot Road.  It is now possible to comment on the plans and residents are encouraged to do so.

The application documents can be viewed and comments submitted here:


The consultation runs until 4th December.

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2 Responses to Housing Plans Open For Comment

  1. Debra Steele says:

    We have lived on the Didcot Road for over 30 years and unless you live here, or carry out your traffic surveys from 7.00am until 9.30am or from 3pm until 6.30pm you have no idea how busy, fast & dangerous this road is. It is ridiculous & treacherous. The entrance to the new housing & the planned zebra crossing is far too close to the corner. I have already seen 2 very near fatal accidents with lorries entering Fieldside. Cars speeding around the corner, from Clifton Hampden, with a lorry trying to manoeuvre into Fieldside. I understand that the hedge adjacent to the road is being removed. What about the wildlife that have been nesting there for many years, before our time. I have seen Wrens, Robins and lots of Tits nesting opposite our house. Flooding – this is an issued that has not even been raised/addressed. Our houses, 23 & 24, were built as town houses due to flooding. Our property floods whenever the water tables are high. We have had the fire brigade to help us with sand bags and sump pumps on several occasions. How is this development going to effect our flooding problems, ie lots of concrete, bricks & weight on what is potentially a flood plain? Why wasn’t the other end of the village considered?? By the football club it is much dryer and higher ground. Is it because the wallets are fatter?? This development is not a good plan for anyone in the village plus nobody from the village will be able to afford to buy one. They will be commuters, with 2 cars, per household, which means at least 80 cars pulling out onto Didcot Road, which is very dangerous. Air pollution – my husband has COPD and we moved here due to his chest & potential fresher air intake. Obviously this will get much worse due to increased traffic. We already have a digger & diesel pumping lorry opposite us all day & this has already affected his chest whilst gardening. He had an asthma attack whilst mowing & was in serious danger. This was due to the lorry diesel fumes blowing over the road into our garden. Thankfully, I had his inhaler which relieved his chest fairly quickly. I do understand that we need more housing in the UK but this road is not suitable for a new development of this size. Please listen to the people that live here and reconsider this site. Why are they not building in to Henley, Streatley, Goring on Thames, Marlow, etc. These areas are so much closer for the residents to commute to London. Thank you for you kind consideration.

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