January Parish Council Meeting

Owing to the current Covid situation, the Parish Council has decided to cancel its meeting scheduled for 13th January.

If residents have any issues they wish to bring to the attention of the council, please contact the Parish Clerk at longwittpc@hotmail.co.uk.

The council hopes to resume its regular monthly meetings from February.  All dates are on the meetings dates page of this website.

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3 Responses to January Parish Council Meeting

  1. Andy says:

    Why is the cycle / footpath closed to Long Wittenham from Didcot after going over the B4016?

    No notice no nothing.. it’s a long walk round !

    Also whilst on the subject when are the council going to relay the entire length of this very busy cycle / footpath from Didcot to Long Wittenham ? The worst part is Didcot to the B4016 . It’s Dangerous in some places . With people being told to get on their bikes instead of taking their car this cycle path has many pot holes and hazards ..

    • Chris Waites says:

      Had a wander down there today, they seem to be doing a proper job, vegetation all cut back without removing any mature trees, ditches all cleared out including all the litter, and the start they have made has a good deep gravel base to prevent flooding.

      Plus they have been sending a road sweeper up and down the High Street every day

      Hopefully will be worth the wait

  2. Admin says:

    The cyclepath from Moor Ditch to the village is closed for widening and resurfacing.
    Sustrans held a Q&A session on the project in the Village Hall in October:
    And residents were advised of the date of the closure before Christmas:
    The section of the cyclepath between the B4016 and Didcot is to be upgraded as part of the housing developments next to it. So far, no date has been set.

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