Kler Enquiry Confirmed

The public enquiry into Kler Group’s planning application for 36 houses on the field at the corner of the Didcot Road and Fieldside will open in Didcot on 14th November.  Four days have been set aside for the enquiry at the Civic Hall.

The Long Wittenham Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) has now been formally adopted by the South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC) and the document has to be taken into account when any housing plans are proposed.  It was a major factor in the SODC Planning Committee’s decision against Kler’s plan on 27th September when they voted six to three against it.

Speaking at the public enquiry on behalf of the parish council will be Peter Rose who has been leading negotiations on the NDP and Steve Brown, head of the Community Hub plans.  Other objectors are also expected to tell the inspector chairing the enquiry about their fears.

When asked about the enquiry, Steve Brown said: “It will be the first big test for the village’s NDP.  We hope it gives the village a large measure of protection from outside developers like the Kler Group but we will have to work hard at the enquiry to persuade the inspector to support our case.”

“We object to the Kler plan as it offers affordable homes but no contributions to the village improvements we have identified in the NDP.  It is not sustainable for the village and it does not provide the new facilities which are desperately needed if the village is to move forward.”

“We also have deep concerns about access to and from the site.  It poses a danger to drivers and pedestrians going into and coming out on to a busy main road near a bend.”

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