Lady Grove Development Appeal Allowed

The Parish Council has been informed by South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC) that the appeal by Manor Oak Homes for its planning application to build one hundred and fifty houses on a plot of land to the east of the B4012 (Lady Grove) has been allowed.

The orginal planning application, for one hundred and seventy six houses, was refused by SODC on 6th October 2020.  In May 2021 Manor Oak Homes appealed the decision and produced an amended plan to build one hundred and fifty houses.  The appeal enquiry took place in August.

The Parish Council objected to the original and amended plans on the grounds that they constituted over-development of the area and that they would add to the pressure on Long Wittenham from extra traffic generation.

The full text of the planning inpector’s decision is on the Planning Inspectorate’s website.  The original planning application is on the SODC website.

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4 Responses to Lady Grove Development Appeal Allowed

  1. Debra Steele says:

    Pathetic to approve this before the new road is even in place. Clifton Hampden bridge will fall down. Stupid idiots.

  2. J May says:

    Does anyone any longer have any illusions that local democratically expressed wishes, or even District Council planning policies and decisions, any longer carry any weight atall with Government or Government Inspectors?

  3. Richard says:

    Sensible decision. SODC needs to wake up and see the bigger picture. Tough call, well done Inspector.

  4. Shirley Cox says:

    I hate to think of all the trees and hedge rows being destroyed by this development. Has any consideration for the lack of space that has now happened for the wild life in our area. They have just lost huge acreage with the development opposite, they are part of world, the environment, please leave access for them to move through to other parts of the area where they graze and go to for water. We are supposed to be in the country, how can we call our area that when all the fields and trees are turning to concrete. The builders never seem to be able to leave the hedges that everyone is expecting them to, once they get access to a plot, money is their only priority.

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