Litter Pick Report

A stalwart team of residents, armed with bags, gloves and litter-picker sticks spent more than two hours last Saturday morning collecting rubbish which littered many parts of the village.  Plastic bottles, paper, and cardboard were the biggest offenders.

The team also collected an astonishing array of discarded items including, old motorcycle tyres, rubber strips, empty bags of fertilizer, heavy duty plastic oil bottles and half of an old stone top from a toilet cistern.

The Long Wittenham Spring Litter Pick was organised by Clifford Bosley who is also Long Wittenham Parish Council’s Finance Officer.  Clifford has organised the twice yearly clean-up for a number of years.  He said he was grateful for the work of volunteers who played an important part in helping keep the village free from litter.

Part of the team was Parish Council Chairman Gordon Rogers who said: “It’s surprising to see how much rubbish is just thrown away, littering our streets, paths and hedgerows and disfiguring the village and surrounding countryside.  People should change their behaviour and be more aware of their responsibilities to the environment in which they live.”

The pile of rubbish outside the village hall awaiting collection after the litter pick.

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