Litter Pickers Back in Action

Fifteen bags of rubbish were collected recently from roadsides in the village by a team of litter pickers organised by the Parish Council in conjunction with the South and Vale District Councils’ Waste and Recycling team.

The group was led by Parish Councillor Sally Duff and Tom and Prew Bowtell, and they collected rubbish between Didcot Road, the High Street and Clifton Hampden Bridge.  Picking was helped and made safer thanks to Clifton Hampden road being closed for roadworks during the day.

The Parish Council’s Finance Officer, Clifford Bosley, plays an important role in organising village litter picks.  He said: “Because of Coronavirus we had no litter picks in the village last year and that, combined with the river flooding over the road in February, caused more litter to accumulate.

Team members Helen Monahan, Peter, Janet and Julian Philips were also busy along Little Wittenham Road, and filled six bags.

More than half of the rubbish collected consisted of plastic and glass drink bottles, coffee cups and crisp packets.  Discarded face masks were a new find which have not featured in previous years.

A few hubcaps were collected and some things that Mr Bosley said were “best not looked at too closely”.  Fewer cigarette packets were collected which suggests smoking continues to decline.

Mr Bosley added: “The roadsides look much tidier as a result of our hard work but for how long?  We urge people not to throw rubbish out of the windows of vehicles, but take it home and help preserve the countryside”.

Once Covid-19 shows signs of diminishing, the Parish Council hopes to resume its twice annual litter picks.

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2 Responses to Litter Pickers Back in Action

  1. Dom Jarman says:

    Thanks and well done all of you !

  2. Chris Waites says:

    Saw someone litter picking along the High Street the other day. Thank you to you all- the village is looking very well kept this year despite covid.

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