Lorry Driver Fined for Weight Limit Breach

The driver of a heavy goods lorry who ignored the weight restriction through the village has been fined, and it’s thanks to an alert villager who took a picture on a mobile phone.

The driver was travelling through the village in October last year.  He appeared at Oxford Magistrates Court in August and pleaded guilty to breaching the weight restriction.  He also made representations concerning his financial circumstances.

The magistrates took the circumstances into account when fining him £90.  In addition, he had to pay £175 costs and a victim surcharge of £32.  The case against the driver had been listed earlier this year but was adjourned because of reduced court availability during the Coronavirus emergency lockdown.

The prosecution was taken out by Oxfordshire County Council’s Trading Standards department which thanked the Parish Council for bringing the complaint to the notice of the authorities and the villager who took the picture.

Parish Council chairman Gordon Rogers said: “The council is grateful to an alert member of the public who had the presence of mind to take a photo of the lorry which led to the driver being prosecuted.  There are too many incidences of heavy lorries breaching weight restriction signs.  Lorries can be dangerous in a rural setting, add to pollution and cause damage to properties through vibration.”

There are weight restriction warning signs at the end of the Ladygrove estate, about 200 metres before Sires Hill, and on the Wittenham side of the junction.

There is a warning at the Golden Balls roundabout on the road towards Clifton Hampden and by the lights towards Long Wittenham.  Both Long and Little Wittenham are covered by the 7.5 tonnes weight restriction.

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5 Responses to Lorry Driver Fined for Weight Limit Breach

  1. Ray Dunnett says:

    So a total fine of 297 quid for wilful disregard of traffic laws and restrictions?Really???

  2. Debra Steele says:

    About time too. Lots of lorries go through Wittenham & I have even seen the police pass them & not stopped!! They should all be stopped & prosecuted but, maybe minimum fine of about £1,000 would be more of a deterrent.

  3. Robert Calcutt says:

    How about fining the refuse collection lorries that come through the village on Fridays – for the collections in Didcot. All of those lorries exceed 7.5 tons, and access via the village is not essential. Surely they should use Culham bridge to access Didcot or do they have special dispensation?

  4. Neville Greening-Steer says:

    Yes fine hard working people who make a error of judgment, wouldn’t it be better to warn the driver first if he commits the offence again he will face a heavy fine. ???, instead of fining him pretty much nearly 4 day’s wages.

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