Moonrakers – Saturday 4th April

Residents who enjoy traditional Irish, Scottish, Welsh and English music will be excited to hear that the Friends of St Mary’s have booked the Celtic music group Moonrakers to perform at St Mary’s Church on Saturday 4th April starting at 7:30pm.

Moonrakers is an Oxford-based group of four musicians who pride themselves in having brought traditional and contemporary folk music to new audiences in village halls, churches, arts centres and festivals across the UK.  The fact that the band “just oozes quality” (Living Tradition) is down to the careful arrangements and selection of tunes and songs, presenting “exquisite music” (BBC).  The material is a combination of traditional Irish, Scottish, Welsh and English music and their own contemporary songs and tunes, still very much ‘in the idiom’.

Some villagers may have seen them perform on Wittenham Clumps last May Bank Holiday where their music was highly acclaimed.

Tickets for 4th April are £12 and can be purchased in advance from Dom Jarman on 01865 407416 or email

Why not send the gig flyer to your friends and family?

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