Neighbourhood Plan Update

The public consultation on the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) ended on 11th September with twelve responses from residents and ten from outside bodies.

Some residents were concerned that the size of the proposed Community Hub site off Didcot Road had been expanded, but Councillor Peter Rose who leads the NDP project said the additional land identified was mainly for playing field space.  He said the NDP’s Steering Committee had been re-assured that the area would be covered by a covenant preventing building development should the school be closed at some future date.

There is some disagreement of a technical nature between South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC) and the Parish Council’s planning consultant about the methods used to allocate sites in the revised plan.  The council has taken advice and agreed to get a legal opinion.

Mr Rose said: “Subject to agreement on the matters raised we hope to have a final draft of the NDP by the end of September to present to the Steering Committee and then the village to receive further input to the proposals.  We hope to submit the final draft to SODC in early October.”

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