Neighbourhood Plan Update

Peter Rose, the chairman of the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Steering Committee writes: “Since the last report in September there has been a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ activity on the NDP, both progress and setbacks.

The cost of the archaeological work on the Community Hub site required by Historic England to proceed the NDP was beyond the means of the Parish Council.  However, our development partner, Thomas Homes, has undertaken an archaeological survey as part of the work necessary for a planning application.  They have very kindly allowed the Parish Council access to this report.  The report uncovered some significant finds on the site.  Discussions between the county archaeologist and Historic England led to the decision that Historic England should undertake an assessment of the site with a view to scheduling it as a historic monument.  The timescale for this process is open ended unless a fee is paid (£3-5K).  The parish council has been successful in securing a grant to pay this fee.  The report is expected within 14 weeks.

Several different outcomes are possible once the assessment report is complete.  Consequently it is difficult to predict exactly what effect this will have on the NDP.

In the mean time, discussions proceed with our advisers AECOM on the amendments that we need to make to the NDP.”

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