Neptune Wood and surrounds – a community greenspace

Would you be interested in contributing your ideas on making Neptune Wood and its surrounds an even more appealing place for families, and for people walking dogs?

The Earth Trust owns Neptune Wood and the surrounding area.  Recent survey work suggests that the area is used predominantly by people walking dogs and the trust would like to encourage this – they know how important it is for you to have access to good quality, local greenspace for getting out with your dogs; but they also want to help keep the area attractive to local families.

Clare Sulston, the Engagement Development Manager for the trust wants to understand the needs of local communities and how the trust might improve this green space for local people.  She would like to hold a couple of meetings – one primarily for those with families, and one primarily for those walking dogs.

The meetings would last for 1-1.5 hours and would be arranged at a time and place to suit those who would like to take part.

If you think that you might be interested in taking part (or in contributing your ideas in some other way), you can email Clare at and she will aim to respond by Monday 20th February.

She would also like to thank all those who have already contributed their ideas via email; your time and effort is very much appreciated.

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3 Responses to Neptune Wood and surrounds – a community greenspace

  1. Evan Wilson says:

    It is a great gift from TheTrust to have access,where others might have adopted the barbed wire tactic to restrict access.However,I now rarely walk on Trust land,having done so regularly from 1974 until dogs took over in more recent years. Having been attacked a number of times,I now walk mainly on the roads,which for obvious reasons is not desirable.
    Further,so many dogs are walked, sometimes up to 7 by single persons,often professional dog walkers and mainly off the lead,that I cannot see myself returning to the Trusts land.
    I would therefore ask that some land is made available for walkers without dogs.
    Then,I will happily renew my membership,which I paid for so many years.
    (What about an area of land where dogs must be kept on the lead?)
    That might be my plan B,if plan A above was not adopted.

    • Dear Evan
      Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and for your suggestions. You kindly raise several issues which we are aware need to be addressed. We very much want the area owned by the Earth Trust to be available for everyone to enjoy, including responsible dog walkers, but we’d like to explore the issues and find solutions with the help of communities who use, or would like to use, the area.
      If you would like to have a chat then please do contact me, or if you know of any local dog owners who might be willing to help us explore the issues and solutions then please do ask them to get in touch with me. Many thanks again. Clare Sulston, Earth Trust. 01865 409404 or

    • A local says:

      I cannot agree more. This area is NOT a municipal park but rural agricultural land.

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