Neptune Wood

The Earth Trust will be temporarily closing the wildflower meadow, which is accessed from Neptune Wood, to the public from Monday 15th July 2019 for approximately four weeks.

The meadow provides a great habitat for local wildlife, including a variety of bees, butterflies and other insects, and is a much loved dog walking area.  It also provides the Earth Trust Farm with a hay crop.  Unfortunately, many dog walkers do not clean up after their dogs, creating a high risk that the hay becomes contaminated which could put livestock in danger.

Although this problem is avoidable, the only way that the Trust can guarantee that the hay is uncontaminated is to temporarily close the meadow to the public.  This measure prevents further contamination and allows for existing dog mess to decompose before the hay is harvested.

The Trust thanks the public for their support and apologies for any inconvenience.  For more details, see the Earth Trust Website.

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3 Responses to Neptune Wood

  1. Sally Duff says:

    Walking in the meadow has been glorious with the beautiful wild flowers, thank you Earth Trust for allowing us to enjoy this space with our dogs.
    SHAME on dog owners who do not clean up after their pooches!!

    • Donna King says:

      The dog mess situation is getting worse ,footpaths top Saxons heath across the fields,its disgusting,and the ones who do pick it up throw the bags into the hedges are total morons.alot are people who do dog walking some have several dogs off leads so there is no way they are picking up after them.makes going for a nice walk revolting.

  2. Steve Brown says:

    This is a great asset for the village and so it is good to have it for eleven months every year. Thanks to the Earth Trust.

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