New ‘Gates’ for Little Wittenham Road

In a move to encourage drivers to reduce speed on Little Wittenham Road, the Parish Council has installed a pair of white ‘gates’ next to the 30mph signs.  It is hoped that they will remind drivers that they are entering a village environment and make them slow down.

At the November meeting of the council several residents living on or near the road voiced their concerns about speeding vehicles.  They said that since the Coronavirus lockdown measures were imposed, traffic on the road has significantly increased.

The gates were suggested by the County Council Road Safety Officer.  Thanks to Councillor Steve Brown for his work on the project.

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2 Responses to New ‘Gates’ for Little Wittenham Road

  1. Sally Duff says:

    Thanks to Parish Councillor Steve Brown for this initiative, he used recycled gates, local teenager painted them and had help from his wife to install them!!
    Another example of our wonderful proactive Parish Council – do you have the oomph to join them???

  2. Sean Newman says:

    Many thanks Steve for this great initiative – it certainly makes you more aware of your speed as you enter the village from Little Wittenham.

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