New Manager at Pendon Museum

The Pendon Museum has a new manager.  She is Emma Midgley who says she is delighted to be working with “such a dedicated and talented team”.

Prior to joining Pendon, Emma was the Director of the Rural Life Living Museum at Farnham in Surrey, an open-air museum based on the history of agriculture and rural life from 1750 to 1960.  She held the post for five years.

Emma said: “I left the museum last year and took a career break to undertake projects that I have wanted to do for a long time.  I have been doing some research and writing on the history of 20th century physics and putting together an exhibition on the future of farming.”

Part of Emma’s role is to make connections with local community groups and the local area.  She says that if anyone has ideas worth exploring, she would like to hear from them.  Her email address is:

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