Northfield Lane

We are asking for residents to complete an evidence form, to apply to formally change the status of Northfield Lane from a footpath to a bridleway, to allow continued use of the lane by cyclists and horse riders, as well as pedestrians.

For more than 20 years the lane has been used by walkers, runners, horse riders and cyclists, despite it only being officially classified as a footpath by Oxfordshire County Council. Until recently no one had challenged the use of the lane by the above users.

To achieve the change in status, the Parish Council needs to get over 20 residents to give evidence supporting the claim that the lane has been used by cyclists and horse riders for more than 20 years with no complaints. We are aware that in 2012 after the resurfacing of the top end of the lane there were attempts to enforce the lane as a footpath, but we believe that for over 20 years before that no one had challenged use of the lane by horses or cycles.

To ensure continued access rights for cyclists and horse riders, please request and complete an evidence form, and if you know anyone else who would have knowledge of the historic use of the lane please do ask me for another form.

Please return completed forms before the 24th April, when we will have a meeting of interested residents in the village hall at 8pm which is open to anyone to attend. We will also be discussing a community effort to fund improvements to the condition of the lane, which is currently unacceptable and dangerous.

Thanks in advance for your support

Tom Bowtell

Chairman, Long Wittenham Parish Council

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