Overweight Lorries Targetted

The Parish Council has been advised by our County Councillor, Dr Pete Sudbury, that on 20th July, officers from Trading Standards took part in joint enforcement work with Thames Valley Police’s Roads Policing Team, targetting the illegal use of the roads through Clifton Hampden and Long Wittenham by HGVs.

In total 12 vehicles over 7.5T MGW were stopped with 4 drivers being issued fixed penalties for using this road as an unlawful shortcut; 6 vehicles were making legitimate deliveries; 1 vehicle was of a class exempt from the weight restriction; and 1 vehicle remains under investigation by Trading Standards.  A further 7 HGVs were observed making deliveries to a building site within the restriction and thus not stopped, and 4 more vehicles were stopped but, after checks, were found to be under the maximum permitted weight for the road.

In addition to the fixed penalties for the breaches of the weight restriction, police officers found one driver of an 18 tonne vehicle who did not have a valid driving licence or current CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) and he was issued a further penalty for this offence.  His employer will also be reported to the Traffic Commissioner for allowing one of their vehicles to be used by a driver without the necessary certification to do so.  One 15 tonne vehicle that was stopped, while not in breach of the weight restriction, was found to have vehicle tax that expired a month ago which will be reported to the DVLA.

Below is a summary of the action taken.


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6 Responses to Overweight Lorries Targetted

  1. Ann Tomline says:

    Good to hear as when I reported with photos nothing was done . I felt very disappointed as residents can help where as enforcement officers will only do one offs how many times a year???

    • Chris Waites says:

      If you have a dash cam and are behind one from Sires Hill to Clifton Hampden then send the police this footage and they say they will take action. Done it a few times, worth the extra detour to the end of restrictions.

      I guess with photos alone the driver can just say he was accessing somewhere and get off.

  2. Mandy Williams says:

    Thank you, I am tired of overweight lorries taking shortcuts and making my house shake. I too have reported in the past with photographic evidence.

  3. Richard May says:

    This is great news that Police and Trading standards are taking the time to target our village – as I am also tired of seeing overweight lorries “taking short cuts”. I am sliightly disappointed by the paltry £50 fixed penalty fine. One 32T lorry I reported breaching the weight limit on the “Twin bridges” at Newbridge several years ago was fined over £300 (plus his employer docked him a week’s wages!

    It is very important that you report the matter to Oxfordshire TRADING STANDARDS – neither the Police nor OCC will generally take action. There is an easy online form and guidance at the following link:-


    Hope this is useful to all.

    • Chris Waites says:

      Disagree with this. Trading standards only hand out fixed penalties. If prosecuted by the police the magistrates have the ability to hand out unlimited fines but in practice they are usually about £400. However, more importantly they need to be declared to insurance which is another big penalty for professional drivers.

      If TVP do not prosecute this offence and drivers are getting slaps on the risk in the rare occasion there is any enforcement, then no wonder so many ignore restrictions. There should be pressure put on them by county councillors if they refuse.

      • Richard May says:

        It would be helpful if Pete Sudbury could clarify this situation, as my personal experience differs from what Chris is saying! At the time of my reporting the overweight lorry it was Trading Standards who contacted me; TS took my statement; TS apparently brought the prosecution and contacted me to thank me and advise me of the outcome. As far as I was concerned, the Police NEVER contacted me throughout the process.

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