Parish Council vacancy

Councillor Derek Shelton who joined the council only six months ago has decided to step down. Mr Shelton, an architect who runs his own building design company, said: “It’s with great regret that I have resigned from the council after such a short stay but an increasing workload in my business means that I cannot devote sufficient time to council matters.

“I have enjoyed my brief stay working on transport issues and plans to convert the old red phone box into a book exchange and hopefully for use as a home for a defibrillator. It’s interesting work and I hope someone steps forward to take my place to play a part in the local community.”

Mr Bowtell thanked Mr Shelton for his work on the old telephone box and transport issues. He added: “There are many important issues facing the village and we hope someone will step forward and play their part on the council.”

Anyone interested in joining the council should apply to the clerk Julie Braley on 01235 848749 or email:

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