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The Didcot Garden Town (DGT) project does not have money to support plans for a cycle path linking the village to the Barley Mow car park.  That was made clear at a recent meeting of the DGT Parish Sounding Board which comprises Didcot and parish councillors from local villages whose areas fall within the DGT area of influence.

The chairman of the Parish Council, Gordon Rogers, who attended the meeting, asked if funding might be available to go towards the cycle and pedestrian path scheme, but DGT officer, Nicky Wyer, said that they do not hold funding for cycling projects.

Connectivity between Didcot and neighbouring villages is seen as an important feature of the DGT as it develops over the next fifteen years, providing up to 15,000 homes and a projected 20,000 jobs.  The project is examining more than sixty proposals to improve Didcot and district.  Early last year DGT received £100,000 from the Government as part of a £6m funding scheme for English regions.

At the meeting, councillors discussed a range of options for improving the area including shopping, leisure, arts, theatre and sports facilities.  One of the major fears of many villagers in the DGT area is what’s called “Didcot Creep”, development which could threaten the identity of rural communities and put extra pressure on the local road network.  DGT says it wants to protect villages.

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  1. Debra Steele says:

    We have lived in Wittenham for 38 years & have heard so many times that a path should be between us & Clifton Hampden & still nothing has been done. The road is very dangerous to walk & even worse to cycle. Come on Councillors just get on with it please. There is always money wasted in other areas.

    Thank you.

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