Village Hall 200 Club Prize Draw

The Village Hall 200 Club is a long-standing feature of village life.  In the 2019-20 year, 139 members funded £780 in prizes leaving a balance of over £900 to go towards the maintenance and improvement of the hall.

There are cash prizes through the year: £10 per week for 48 weeks, £50 in June and December and £100 in September and March.  Subscription is £12 for a full year April to March, pro-rata for the remaining months.

During the year 2020, operation of the 200 Club was suspended for twelve months due to the pandemic.  It restarts in April 2021 with new collection and payment arrangements.  Subscriptions can now be paid by cash, cheque or BACS into the Village Hall bank account.

The Prize draw is made monthly, generally during the third week of each month.  Results are posted on the village notice boards and in The Bridge.

Additional 200 Club members would considerably boost the Village Hall income, to supplement the reduced hire income during the pandemic.

If you would like to participate in the 200 Club, please contact the 200 Club Coordinator, Richard May at

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