Please Water The Trees

Parish Councillor Steve Bolton has asked if residents who live near the new trees that were planted in the village a few months ago could put a bucket of water on them during this warm and dry weather.

The trees are located on Saxons Heath Green, the entrance to Saxons Heath and on the Didcot Road near the traffic calming build-out.

For more information contact Cllr Bolton at

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One Response to Please Water The Trees

  1. Ann Tomline says:

    I hope the watering will be done by the younger residents and not left to older people who have had trees put outside their houses who may be didn’t ask for them to be put there but didn’t object . Carrying a bucket of water out to a tree could cause stress and worry. May be a watering system should have been set up before the trees were put in or arrangement made with someone living close to look after the tree near them .
    Not being negative as love trees just making a point.

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