Police and Crime Plan 2017-2021

The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for the Thames Valley has produced a Police and Crime Plan which covers April 2017 – March 2021.  It outlines his priorities for the area and how he will work with partners to achieve them.

Under the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 the PCC must produce a Police and Crime Plan which sets out the Commissioner’s strategic police and crime objectives for the Thames Valley with regard to:

  • The policing of the area
  • Crime and disorder reduction
  • The discharge by Thames Valley of its national or international functions

The Plan also covers:

  • The policing of Thames Valley which the Chief Constable is to provide
  • The financial and other resources which the Commissioner is to provide to the Chief Constable
  • The means by which the Chief Constable will report to the Commissioner on the provision of policing
  • The means by which the Chief Constable’s performance in providing policing is measured
  • The crime and disorder reduction grants which the Commissioner is to make, and the conditions (if any) of those grants

The full plan is available for download here and a summary here.

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