The village’s FixMyStreet SuperUser, Andy Mortimer, has been working behind the scenes to get Oxfordshire County Council (OCC)  to fix the potholes on the road to Clifton Hampden.

Andy writes …

The worst of the potholes on the road were patched on Monday (15th April) as urgent repairs by OCC.  The remaining issues will be scheduled for repair on the normal 28-day timescale.

Thanks to everybody who took the time to make reports and add photos on FixMyStreet.

I can be contacted at fmssuperuser@longwittenham.com.

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4 Responses to Potholes

  1. Ann Tomline says:

    Good to know someone is getting a response from OCC highways but can I suggest that the complete resurfacing of the road to Clifton Hampden is put in this years budget this is a well used road especially by cyclist and there will be a nasty accident soon as have watched Cyclists weave all over the road as well as cars are having to do to avoid the potholes.
    What happened to the slogan Safety First!

  2. Michelle rainbow says:

    I completely agree the road needs re surfacing. The holes are filled in and return bigger and harsher. The damage to cars and the safety concerns are a bigger issue than just filling h

  3. Jeremy Goff says:

    What’s this normal 28-day timescale? Those potholes have been dangerous for months.

  4. Jane May says:

    Thanks to Andy Mortimer for chasing this up, but I completely agree that total re-surfacing is becoming imperative given the overall state of the road, now dangerous for both pedestrians and cyclists as well as cars. Pot-hole-filling if and when it does arrive only perpetuates a bad situation- and simply does not happen within the 28-day cycle. The two or three holes filled as “an emergency” were left by Thames Water a week or so ago after dealing with a water leak; we have observed only one other recently filled deep hole outside Lower Farm. The remainder, including those on the corner of the Little Wittenham Road, remain in a dire state no matter how often “reported”, and have done for months.

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