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We have unfortunately seen an increase in dwelling burglaries on our area in recent weeks.   House breaks are normally very rare in this area so I do not want to alarm you, but make you aware of simple steps you can take to protect your property.  Remember burglars don’t need brains, just an opportunity.


Ensure you have good window locks and use them.
Make sure you deadlock the doors and that your doors are fitted with good locks.
Get into the habit of double checking doors and window locks before going to bed.


Use timer switches on lights and radios when you are not at home.  Burglars will think twice if they think somebody might be home.


Burglar alarms are a really good deterrent to the opportunist burglar.


Ensure garden gates are locked and that you cannot reach over and unlock the gate.   Consider fitting Prikka Strip ( plastic spikes) on top of tall gates and fences.   Flimsy trellis is good as it breaks easily and burglars do not like this as there a risk of cutting themselves and leaving DNA behind.  Prickly plants also act as a deterrent.
Also please do not leave any tools or items in the garden that could be used to break windows or force entry to your property.


Ensure you have a solid garage door and ensure they are always locked.    Consider upgrading the locks on your garage door.
Ensure sheds are locked with a high quality padlock and that the clasps are fitted with non return screws.  Consider fitting a shed alarm which can be purchased for approximately £20.00.


Local Police Community Support Officers can attend your address and carry out a survey for free.  Please email to arrange this.
If you look at the Thames Valley Police website you can find a section entitled crime reduction which offers really good advice on home security.


If you see someone in your street who you think is acting suspiciously try to get a good description of them and a registration number and description of any vehicle they are using.   Don’t hesitate to phone us either on 999 if you think a crime is being committed or 101 (non emergency number) and we can stop check them and find out what they are doing.  Remember your instincts are normally right.  If something feels or does not look right it probably isn’t.

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