Public Meeting to discuss the Neighbourhood Plan – Long Wittenham Primary School 12th April at 7:30pm


  • Understand why we need a neighbourhood plan and what it means for the village?
  • Know what the current plan is proposing?
  • Know how the Parish Council has arrived at these conclusions?
  • Agree with these?
  • Do you have alternative suggestions?

The Open Meeting at the Village Hall on 23rd February and the ‘Public Consultation’ hosted by Kler Group on March 10th at the Plough have prompted a few people to approach the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee asking for further discussion and explanation of the plan.

You are invited to come along and ask questions and discuss the current proposals.

We intend to publish the plan in the next few months so this will be one of the last opportunities for you to contribute to it.

There will also be an update on response to the developer’s proposal for ‘Site 1’ (field behind Challis Farm).

Further details of the development of the plan and the current proposals are available here or phone Steve Brown (01865-407589)

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