Pump Track Update

The Pump Track Team and the Parish Council are delighted to announce that the Pump Track has passed the RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) inspection with flying colours.

Steve Brown from the team met with the inspector on Monday 12th July, who carried out a thorough inspection of the track.  She was impressed with the build and the fact that experienced riders had been involved from the outset.  She commented that not only was it a great track and that we had achieved a great outcome in our build, but that it was one of the best she has seen and offered her congratulations.

The chairman of the Parish Council, Gordon Rogers, said: “The council supported the pump track with a donation of £1,000 and wishes it every success.  I am sure many young riders who use the track will get hours of enjoyment on what is a valuable addition to play facilities in the village.  Our thanks to the team and village volunteers who helped bring a dream into reality”.

The Pump Track team would once again like to extend their thanks to everybody who helped to make this possible, including individual donors, Vanderbilt Homes, the Parish Council, Wittenham Warriors, PMS and all the people who volunteered their time, energy and talents over recent weekends!

The track is now open for use and has been designed to allow riders of all ages to have fun, but riders should only ride within their own capabilities.  Pump track riding is intrinsically a ‘high risk’ activity and parents should supervise their children’s use of the track (e.g. accompanying younger children to the track and reminding older children to adhere to the rules).

To this end, we would like to draw everybody’s attention to the safety advice below, which can also be found on the sign at the track and which we ask people to follow:

The track is unsupervised and used at your own risk.

By entering the pump track you agree to abide by the following rules:

  1. Helmets must be worn.
  2. Ride within your own limits.
  3. All riders must agree to ride in the same direction.
  4. Be aware of and respect other riders.
  5. Maximum of 2 riders on the track at any one time.
  6. Do not ride over the edge of the berms.
  7. Unauthorised building or altering of the track is prohibited.
  8. No motorised vehicles allowed.
  9. Keep the track and surrounding area clean and tidy using the bins provided.

Other recommendations:

  1. Scooters, skateboards, and skates are not recommended.
  2. Protective knee and elbow pads are recommended.
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3 Responses to Pump Track Update

  1. Tom Bowtell says:

    This is fantasitc news! Congratulations on the team of volunteers who made this happen. A great idea to make better use of Ackings field.

  2. Ann Tomline says:

    I would like to send congratulations to all the villagers who gave of their time to give the young in the village a facility that many other larger villages would envy
    Working together for all has been shown here

  3. Sally Duff says:

    Brilliant news, thank you to everyone who put in time and enormous effort to bring this project to fruition.
    I’ve already heard lots of positive feedback about the track from kids & parents.

    If you and your kids are enjoying this new village facility then let’s hear about it & celebrate!! Post a message.

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