Quarry Plans – Parish Council Objects

Long Wittenham Parish Council has sent its objections to Oxfordshire County Council over plans to create a sand and gravel quarry near Clifton Hampden.

The parish council objects to revised plans from Hills Quarry Products to create a sand and gravel quarry with a concrete processing plant on 104 hectares of Green Belt land known as Fullamoor Quarry near Clifton Hampden.

At the council’s April meeting (21/04/16) members were of the unanimous view that if approved by Oxfordshire County Council the quarry would have a serious impact on the local environment and the quality of life of hundreds of local residents for many years ahead.

The parish council is particularly concerned about the threat posed by more than 110 heavy lorry movements a day, six days a week. It equates to a lorry every six minutes in and out of the quarry. “We believe this would add an extra burden on an already bus road (A415). It will damage air quality and increase the risk to road safety.”

In addition the parish council is worried that even more congestion at the Clifton Hampden cross roads would in turn lead to longer traffic tail backs on Clifton Hampden Bridge for traffic coming from the direction of Long Wittenham and Didcot. At peak morning and evening travel times there is already serious traffic tail backs in all directions at the cross roads and bridge.

The parish council has further concerns: “we are worried that quarry work would create noise and pollution that would affect homes on the western edge of Long Wittenham looking towards the quarry site across the river. There are also fears that quarry excavation work would increase the risk of flooding along the Thames. The road between Clifton Hampden and Long Wittenham is exposed to flooding in the winter months.”

For all these reasons Long Wittenham Parish Council urges Oxfordshire County Council to reject the planning application by Hills Quarry products to establish Fullamoor Quarry.


The county council has agreed to an extension until the end of May as the deadline for public comments on the quarry plan. Residents of Long Wittenham who are concerned about the proposals should send their views to the Planning department, Oxfordshire County Council, Speedwell House, Speedwell Street, Oxford. OX1 1NE. Email: mary.thompson@oxfordhire.gov.uk. Quote OCC application number: MW.0039/16

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