Road closure – Long Wittenham to Clifton Hampden

The road to Clifton Hampden will be closed from 13 July 2015 for five days whilst Oxfordshire County Council repair the surface, damaged in recent years through flooding.

Traffic will be diverted via Culham and Appleford.

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7 Responses to Road closure – Long Wittenham to Clifton Hampden

  1. Jon B. says:

    There have been quite a few excessively large lorries down there of recent, seemingly using this route as a shortcut i.e. not making deliveries. Vehicles exceeding the posted weight restriction won’t be helping the weather damaged road…

    • admin says:

      Thanks for this Jon. Agree entirely. If you can get the registration number of the vehicles and the date and time when they drive through, Oxfordshire County Council will take action against the owners.

  2. Gemma says:

    There’s also a lot of Oxford – Didcot traffic using that route to avoid the a34 roadworks…..

    • Penny says:

      I use that route as a matter of course, A34 roadworks or not, because I loathe the A34 and avoid it like the plague. So I’ve particularly noticed the upsurge in traffic since the start of the works. I called the Highways Agency last week, and asked what moron thought it a good idea to close the road during the A34 madness. Their official diversion utilises a pinch point too. Utter madness.

  3. Mike Pearson says:

    You must be kidding admin. It’s continuous. I live right on this road and there are too many HGV’s simply following their satnavs, ignoring the weight limit signs and thundering down what is effectively a country lane that happens to have one of the few river crossings at the end of it. While I’m ranting, what about the many coach drivers who continue to use the route and I’m talking out-of-school-times, empty and going to or from their bases. These are all matters for both the local constabulary and yourselves, but when has anything ever been done?????
    The main flood damage, as you should be aware, occurs when the river floods over the road and breaks up the verges in the Home Farm stretch, which is not helped by drivers ignoring the Road Closed signs and simply ploughing through.

  4. Pauline says:

    Every morning while on my way to work a bus comes over the bridge from Clifton Hampden towards Long Wittenham and parks up just past the pub in the layby why such a large vehicle does this every day is beyond me.

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