Road to Clifton Hampden Flooded

Many residents will be aware that the road to Clifton Hampden has flooded.  This is due to very heavy rain over the last week or two which has led to high river levels in Oxfordshire.

There is a lot of standing water on roads and people are asked to drive with extra care.  Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) has advised motorists not to attempt to drive through floodwater as they run the risk of becoming stranded.

There is more advice on the OCC News website.

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2 Responses to Road to Clifton Hampden Flooded

  1. Donna King says:

    As clifton rd closed as obviously still quite deep water and not you cannot access it ,can anyone answer the question why is culham barried off when the road is perfectly passable!!!was this barried by residents?

    • Chris Waites says:

      A few years ago they blocked it by parking cars across the road during flooding in protest at extra traffic from Clifton Hampden – at the time there were only a few puddles on the road. Really the police should be sorting it out if residents are deciding to close passable roads causing long detours in icy weather.

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