Road to Clifton Hampden Roadworks 9th October to 10th November

It has come to the Parish Council’s attention that roadworks are scheduled to take place on the road out of the village towards Clifton Hampden between 9th October and 10th November.

The work will be carried out by Scottish and Southern Power Distribution.  There will be two-way traffic signals, so delays are possible.

See the details below from the One.Network website.

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3 Responses to Road to Clifton Hampden Roadworks 9th October to 10th November

  1. Susan Whidborne says:

    Is this instead of last weeks two day closure that didn’t happen?
    If so, is there a possibility that OCC team could alert road users so we’re not zooming around the countryside looking for alternative routes that we actually didn’t need to do.
    Maybe a shout out on Ox traffic and travel or a sign in Clifton and Long Witt simply saying cancelled road open today. It would really save a lot of stress and frustration.

  2. Stephen Brown says:

    I agree it is terribly frustrating when road closures don’t happen as planned.
    The over night closure was for Thames Water who are notorious for missing road closures, I think it took 3 attempts before they actually turned up for the Wessex Way road crossing. I have complained bitterly to OCC but they just don’t seem to have the resources to do anything about it.

    This new work is SSE so I guess that means TW will still have to come back yet again for the work they didn’t do the other night.

    If you really want to complain the manager at OCC used to be
    Keith Stenning.
    Head of Service – Network Management
    Environment and Place

  3. Stephen Brown says:

    PS. Or of course you could complain to our County Councillor, Pete Sudbury He has just been promoted to Deputy Leader of OCC.

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