Roadworks – High Street 5th to 17th October

The Parish Council has been advised by Oxfordshire County Council Highways Department that roadworks are expected to start on the High Street on Monday 5th October.  The works will create new ramped cycle by-pass lanes at the two build-outs opposite Red Barn and No 35.

Construction is scheduled to be completed by 17th October.

Temporary traffic lights will be used to manage the work and road closures are not anticipated.

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5 Responses to Roadworks – High Street 5th to 17th October

  1. David Haylett says:

    As many of us said when this scheme was suggested it is a complete waste of money, no cyclist uses the lanes in Didcot Road what makes anyone think they will use these?

    • Robert Calcutt says:

      I expect someone will be ticking box relating to funds spent on promoting cycling on Oxfordshire’s roads!

    • Chris Waites says:

      The ones towards Didcot are semicircle shaped, meaning they are difficult to cycle through, and don’t have cycle lane either side to protect cyclists.

      Also, the High Street is part of National Cycle Route 5 and so has many more cyclists – or at least should, with a corresponding drop in cars, if more people commuting from Didcot to Culham did so by bike.

      I would agree by themselves they are not much use, hopefully they will link up with a path to Clifton Hampden. However, there is value in reminding other road users that this is a village with pedestrians, horse riders and cyclists, not just a narrow A34 alternative to Oxford.

  2. Jane May says:

    What a total waste of tax-payers money. Was this the outcome of the consultation, in which many people expressed this view? It is a further urbanisation of the village high street.

  3. Tom Bowtell says:

    I have to agree – we would rather have had the money spent on the potential cycle route to Clifton Hampden, which is getting much closer to becoming a reality. I am a regular cyclist on the high street, and these kind of cut throughs are narrow, and get filled with leaves etc so cyclists don’t use them! I don’t know if there was a local consultation on this or not.

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