Rogue Speeders

Several residents have recently been in touch with the village Community Speedwatch team, raising concerns about vehicles travelling at dangerous speeds, considerably faster than the 20mph limit, along some of the streets away from the main road through the village.

While it is recognised that these vehicles may well be visitors or contractors, it does nonetheless seem sensible to remind people that the 20mph speed limit applies to all parts of the village, and not just the main road.

The Speedwatch team currently run sessions only on the main road, but if residents have concerns about vehicles speeding on other village streets, the team could occasionally run sessions at particular hotspots highlighted by residents.

If you are concerned, please email the speedwatch team lead with details.

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One Response to Rogue Speeders

  1. Judith Baldwin says:

    Twice recently I’ve been overtaken by speeding motorists whilst driving on the main road through the village. I was travelling at 20 mph.

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