Safe Path Through Wood Centre

The Sylva Foundation plans to re-route a permissive footpath through its premises off Little Wittenham Road.  It will make it safer for walkers to avoid traffic which uses the Wood Centre.

The Parish Council and the village’s footpath warden David Corney support the move which will make the path more secure for pedestrians.  Mr Corney said: “I fully support this move which will benefit villagers by making it safer to walk on the paths through the area”.

The Foundation provides a network of permitted paths through the area extending more than one kilometre across its site both through the community orchard and the Future Forest including a path to the reconstructed House of Wessex.

The charity installed a path two years ago which provided an additional loop through some of the built up area of the Wood Centre but some people do not stick to the route raising fears about safety.  The Foundation’s chief executive Dr Gabriel Hemery said: “We want to re-route the path in such a way as to provide an interesting addition to the permitted path network while avoiding the built up areas of the Wood Centre”.

Dr Hemery said the Foundation did not have sufficient funds to start the work but intends to move forward with a funding proposal to a charitable trust in the New Year.

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2 Responses to Safe Path Through Wood Centre

  1. Bill Symonds says:

    Will this still allow walkers to access the pond. It is fascinating to watch the pond life change throughout the year. The pond is not clearly marked on the map. Please clarify

  2. Thanks for asking Bill. Actually the pond is situated on land belonging to our sister charity the Earth Trust and made available to public visitors as part of Neptune Wood. Sylva Foundation’s network of permissive paths do seamlessly link with those of the Earth Trust.

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