School Welcomes Afghan Refugees

The Village Primary school has welcomed fifteen children from Afghanistan who fled the country when the Taliban took control.  The acting head teacher, Gillian Seymour, said that while it had been a “whirlwind time for the school” the refugees had received a warm reception.

She said: “It was unexpected news that we would have the opportunity to offer places to the refugees who are currently living with their families in a hotel in Milton.  There has been an amazingly positive response from everyone in the school community.”

“Thanks to the brilliant work of Jenny Caw behind the scenes, we have provided school uniforms for the young children and we are getting advice about what else they might need.”

More details from Nicky Folkman at the school at

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  1. Chris Waites says:

    Lovely kids, Beth has really enjoyed having three new friends in their class. Great that Asylum Welcome has been able to provide translators initially, I’m sure they will learn so much.

    Hopefully careful thought is being given to those organising fireworks displays this year. I’m sure a lot of these kids have been through hell with explosions and loud noises.

  2. J May says:


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