Speeding Signs

Several villagers have raised concerns about safety along a stretch of Little Wittenham Road and at the bend approaching the triangle in Northfield Lane where there is no path.  Some residents in Saxons Heath have also complained about the speed of vehicles.

In a move to try to improve safety, the Parish Council is installing anti-speeding signs along the grass verges approaching the village from Little Wittenham and on Saxons Heath.  The signs were designed by the primary school in a competition and have been used elsewhere in the village.

The council is also considering placing a warning sign at the junction of High Street and Little Wittenham Road, and Highway Code dangerous bend and horse-riding warning signs along Little Wittenham Road.  Price quotations are being sought from the company that produced the school signs.

The council’s Community Speedwatch project is in abeyance during the Coronavirus emergency because of staffing difficulties with the Oxfordshire County Council and Thames Valley Police.  It’s hoped the scheme can be revived later this year.

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2 Responses to Speeding Signs

  1. les Ormonde says:

    I think that more signs are not the answer. They just add to the clutter. In particular, the primary school signs are not effective – they lack visual impact.

    I fear that only better enforcement will make a lasting difference to driver behaviour.

  2. Chris Waites says:

    Most of the other signs have been smashed, hopefully any new ones will be made of stronger material. The speed and inattention of drivers coming round the S-bend on Long Wittenham road is ridiculous, one day a child or family will get hit on their way to the playground.

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