Stop The Arc Group

Residents will remember that details of the Government’s Oxford-Cambridge Arc consultation were posted here in July.  That consultation runs until 12th October.

The Stop The Arc Group (formerly the No Expressway Group) has asked the Parish Council to publicise its own website which presents more details of the Government’s plans and the opportunity to take part in its alternative consultation at:

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2 Responses to Stop The Arc Group

  1. Jane May says:

    Please support this group; many of them are former professional OCC Planning Officers who supported us in the Didcot “West is Best” campaign.

  2. Chris Waites says:

    Some parts of the website are obviously untrue – there are not going to be double the number of houses in Oxfordshire.

    However, ONS projections are that the population in Oxfordshire will rise by 15% by 2031. Either we will be denying people the opportunity to work in our beautiful, prosperous county or we will be denying our children the chance to ever own their own house.

    If we could build attractive houses in this village that enhance the surrounding countryside a hundred or more years ago, it shouldn’t be beyond our wit to regulate to ensure the same now.

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