Strange smells in Long Wittenham!

Over the last few months, residents in Sutton Courtenay and Appleford have complained about a smell coming from the nearby Waste Recycling Centre and there have been a couple of times recently when it has been possible to smell it in Long Wittenham. If anyone in Long Wittenham does smell it (a very sweet smell – a bit like the smell in your food bin when you put it out for the binmen), they can report it to the Environment Agency on the freephone number 0800 807060. You will be asked to give your postcode and a brief description of the issue. It will help them to collate the number of odour infringements so that they can work with the waste recycling plant to resolve the issue and, if necessary, issue an odour infringement notice.

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  1. Bob and Barbara Edwards says:

    Hi, This comment is just a bit late – apologies – but we’ve been smelling the sickly smell of the rubbish tip for well over a year in Westfield Road, whenever the wind blows from that direction. The thing worrying us now about the tip at the power station is the size of the thing. It’s developing into a huge mound, dwarfing the lorries trundling on top of it, and the loose rubbish from it is littering the bushes along the cycle track. How big is it allowed to get, and what results will such a huge above ground pile have when it starts to decompose?
    Best wishes,
    Bob and Barbara Edwards

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