Temporary Closure of The Road Between Long Wittenham and The Barley Mow

The Parish Council has just been informed by Oxfordshire County Council Highways of the emergency temporary closure of the road between Long Wittenham and the Barley Mow.

A temporary Emergency Notice (see below) is being made to implement the temporary closure and will operate from 9th September 2021.  The anticipated completion date is 13th September 2021 (full closure 24hrs each day).

Further information regarding the emergency works may be obtained by contacting Rob Hinchliffe of KCD/Thames water on 07870 390448 quoting reference T9443(EM)/MR.

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7 Responses to Temporary Closure of The Road Between Long Wittenham and The Barley Mow

  1. Stephen Brown says:

    Dear All. I believe the heading on this Notice is incorrect.
    There are currently no obstructions on the road to the Barley Mow. This may change but I think the notice relates to the works at Northfield Lane.
    There is a Thames Water closure of one side of the triangle into Northfield Lane.
    With care the other side of the triangle is still passable and you can still drive to/from Little Wittenham.

  2. Gillian Byrne says:

    Omg, again…
    Nothing like a bit of notice

  3. Debra Steele says:

    I have driven to Clifton Hampden this evening from Long Wittenham & the road is open. I saw a water leak/road closed in Didcot earlier, with a diversions through Ladygrove so think this is where the problem is.

  4. Liz Nightingale says:

    Aaarrrgghhhh! Emprisoned again.

  5. Gillian Byrne says:

    Was open this morning at 7-30am. No signs anywhere to say closing etc…..

  6. Jane May says:

    Still no closures. I agree with Steve Brown, Northfields Lane was closed with no notice on Thursday; the day before the Little Wittenham Road was also closed with no notice. Previously for a long time 2 “road closed” notices were left erected on the triangle at the main High Street, they were still here yesterday- maybe for future spontaneous use?

  7. David Haylett says:

    The County Council clearly hasn’t a clue!!

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