Thames Road Bridge Plan Rejected

Many residents will be disappointed to hear that the planning application for the Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF1) project to build a new road bridge over the Thames, amongst other infrastructure, was rejected by the Oxfordshire County Council planning committee on Tuesday.

It had been hoped that a new road bridge over the Thames would reduce the traffic through Long Wittenham and other local villages.

Read the report on the BBC News website.

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7 Responses to Thames Road Bridge Plan Rejected

  1. Tracey Primmer says:

    I’m disgusted with the outcome of this decision by the Oxfordshire county council!

  2. Caroline Churchill says:

    And yet the house building continues, the traffic through the villages increases, and the rush hour queues for the single lane bridge crossings get longer and longer…..

  3. Debra Steele says:

    This is an absolutely unbelievable decision by OCC. I thought one of the conditions when planning permission was granted for thousands of new homes in Didcot, was the new relief road. The builders should stop NOW. How can our small villages cope with all of the cars travelling through??. Clifton Hampden bridge was built for horse & cart & not juggernauts. Pathetic & typical of Councils. All liars & do not have faith in any of the crooks.

  4. Chris Waites says:

    Say thanks to your neighbours in Appleford who were the ones who protested vociferously against this knowing it would condemn Long Wittenham and Clifton Hampden to continuing unacceptable levels of traffic.

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