The Bells Will Ring Out

St Mary’s Churchwarden writes ….

You will, I hope, have seen the notices around the village and in The Bridge about the service pattern in the Parish changing slightly.  As a bonus consequence of this our wonderful bell ringers will be able to join us at the start of some of our services, starting tomorrow, Sunday 12th March.

As a reminder, the service pattern is now:

1st Sunday – St Mary’s – Family service starting with Parish Breakfast and Crafts at 9.15am, and the service starting at about 9.30am
2nd Sunday – St Mary’s – Parish Communion – 9.30am
3rd Sunday – St Peter’s – Book of Common Prayer Communion – 8.30am
4th Sunday – St Mary’s – Parish Communion – 9.30am

We look forward to welcoming you to any of these services in the very near future.

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