The LAST Village Bonfire Night?

Cllr Sally Duff writes …

Fantastic  Wonderful  Excellent  Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!

These are just a few of the comments made by attendees at this year’s spectacular Village Bonfire Night.

When the village comes together we always achieve a memorable event and this year was no exception.  459 people enjoyed the massive bonfire and superb firework display, kept warm with mulled wine, burgers and the odd glass of beer or wine!

Question: Were you and your family among the 459 people enjoying the evening?

The biggest THANK YOU must go to Nick & Jenny Caw who took on the lions share of organising this year’s event, it TRULY wouldn’t have happened without them.

A little bit of background history for those new to the village …

The Village Bonfire & Firework event was resurrected twelve years ago in the paddock where Vanderbilt are now building.  It started small and has grown and grown, passing through the capable hands of enterprising villagers, known locally as the Wittenham Warriors.

As the event grew other groups in the village have got involved.  The Parish Council give their backing and support by insuring the event, St Marys PCC give us the use of Wards Field, Earth Trust supply us with bonfire wood, Clifton Hampden Post Office & Store sell our tickets, and of course the highlight of the evening are the spectacular fireworks!  The team have forged an excellent working relationship with the award winning Wallingford based company Illusion Fireworks Ltd.

We are in the fortunate position of being able to split the healthy profit made this year with the village organisations that support the event:

Long Wittenham Primary School
Long Wittenham Pre School
Pendon Museum
St Marys Parochial Church Council
Earth Trust

The BIG Question: Will the event continue????

A NEW team is needed if the event is to happen next year.

It is felt by those who have been involved with the organisation over many years that the best way to keep this event going is to form a NEW team (4-6 people) who would share responsibility for ensuring the smooth running of the event from start to finish.  There is already a proven formula to work with and the support of village groups.

Many of the present team have been involved for years, our kids have grown up, our energy levels are not what they were, our lives have a different focus, it’s time to step aside for the next generation. We are RETIRING!

The Event needs new young blood, those with families who gain the most from such a community gathering.  It is incredible fun to be involved, a wonderful way to meet new people, forge new friendships, put something back into (Y)OUR precious village life.

It goes without saying that there would be a comprehensive, supportive handover from present organisers.

The BIG Answer: No New Team, No Village Bonfire 2022

If we are to secure the preferred date from the Firework company for next year we need to have a NEW committed team in place NOW.

So, if you would like to keep this favourite village event going and would like to explore the idea of becoming involved, please call/email me.

Sally Duff
Wittenham Warriors
Cllr Long Wittenham Parish Council
07899 097612/ 01865 407788

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  1. Gillian Byrne says:

    Could you please let me know what was the affect on the environment? Carbon footprint?
    Was it seasoned wood and timber burned??
    What was the affect on the people with PTSD, wild life and pets?
    With COP26 just finished in Glasgow, surely with global warming as it is WE need to have these stopped and rethink this….

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