The Pirates of Penzance

Opera Anywhere is coming to Long Wittenham to perform Gilbert and Sullivan’s very popular comic opera The Pirates of Penzance for one night only at St Mary’s Church at 7:30 on Saturday 4th May.  The show will be presented by the The Friends of St Mary’s, in aid of the church.

Opera Anywhere is renowned for performing unique versions of operas, old and new, in unusual and interesting locations.  Founded in 2000, the company began life on an especially erected stage on a pond at the centre of their Oxfordshire village of Sunningwell.  The early performances were Proms concerts, which soon developed into fully staged opera productions.  It now tours throughout the UK, the main objective being to entertain audiences with popular but also less well-known operas.

The Pirates of Penzance is deservedly one of Gilbert and Sullivan’s most loved operas.  An unfortunate case of mishearing initiates the plot, resulting in a dramatic change of direction for Frederic who sets course to become a pirate rather than a ‘pilot’!  The twists and turns unfold with ingenious characters, sublime lyrics and some of the best-known songs in comic opera.

Tickets are £18 for adults, £16 for over 65s and £8 for under 18s, and are available at or call 03336 663366.

If you have friends or relatives who might be interested, send them the flyer which can be downloaded here.

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