Traffic Restrictions on Abingdon Bridge

Motorists are warned that traffic restrictions are in place on Abingdon Bridge in Abingdon after concerns were discovered during a routine inspection.

Stonework to the eastern side of the northern arch of the bridge, which carries the A415 over the River Thames, has become displaced, reducing the bridge’s strength in this area.

Temporary traffic signals are in place to enable vehicles up to 44 tonnes to continue to use the bridge safely by avoiding the weakened area.

The introduction of the temporary traffic signals requires the pelican crossing to the north to be turned off, together with the Market Place traffic signals at the junction of Bridge Street and High Street.

The bridge was built in the 15th century and the repairs will require a specialist subcontractor and advice from Historic England, due to this being a scheduled monument, and the Environment Agency, as access will be required from the River Thames below.

The timescales for this repair work have not yet been fully established, but it is likely to be at least six months before work can start and possibly more than a year before a satisfactory repair is completed and the temporary traffic signals can be removed.

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