Traffic-Sensitive Streets Consultation

Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) proposes to designate certain streets (or parts of streets) within the county as Traffic-Sensitive.

A Traffic-Sensitive Street is a street where roadworks have the potential to cause significant delays and disruption to road users.  It is a designation that allows streets to be identified as requiring Works Promoters to give greater advanced warning of proposed works, or activities as they are also known.

Residents are invited to comment on the proposals.

There are full details and the option to take the survey on the Let’s Talk Oxfordshire website.  The consultation runs until Friday 26th July 2024.

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5 Responses to Traffic-Sensitive Streets Consultation

  1. Bill Symonds says:

    Yet even more bureaucratic nonsense. What a complete waste of taxpayers valuable funds

  2. Jane May says:

    Shall we ask for the whole of Long Wittenham to be designated as Traffic Sensitive, given the levels of often unannounced closure & disruption we experience? ?

  3. Ann Tomline says:

    I wonder what traffic sensitive actually means in this statement as frankly most work carried out causes inconvenience but rather than waste money on strategies and consultations could we please get the pot holes properly repaired and the well used road from Long Wittenham re- surfaced it is an accident waiting to happen as drivers zig zag along trying to avoid the worst holes.
    I wonder if anyone reads or listens to our views at OCC ?
    I noticed a few weeks ago the road without one pot hole from Berinsfield to Drayton was completely re- surfaced who made that decision?????

  4. Stephen Brown says:

    Here is an extract from NRSWA 1991 Guidance notes.
    Long Wittenham will not meet any of these criteria but residents may wish to comment on other roads not in the Parish, perhaps on your regular commuter route for example.

    Criteria to designate a street as Traffic Sensitive

    A highway authority may designate certain streets (or parts of streets) as “traffic
    sensitive” in one of the following ways:
    I. Agreement with statutory undertakers known to have apparatus in the street

    II. One or more of the following criteria is met:

    a. the street is one on which at any time the highway authority estimate traffic flow to be greater than 500 vehicles per hour per lane of carriageway, excluding bus or cycle lanes;
    b. the street is a single carriageway two-way road, the carriageway of which is less than 6.5 metres wide, having a total traffic flow of not less than 600 vehicles per hour;
    c. traffic flow contains more than 25% heavy commercial vehicles;
    d. the street carries in both directions more than eight buses per hour;
    e. the street is within 100 metres of a critical signalised junction, gyratory or roundabout system;
    f. the street, or that part of a street, that has a pedestrian flow rate at any time of at least 1300 persons per hour per metre width of footway;

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