TV Programme Looks At Culham Housing Plan

A new television series explores the controversial decision by the government to free up the green belt to developers.

Film-maker Richard Macer spent nine months in Oxfordshire, meeting councillors, developers, architects and campaigners to look at ‘how to mend the broken housing system.’

The first episode of The New Builds are Coming: Battle in the Countryside focussed on plans to build 3,500 homes in Culham.

You can see the programme on the BBC iPlayer:

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One Response to TV Programme Looks At Culham Housing Plan

  1. Julie Carberry says:

    I watched this program. It was very interesting to see the reasons why villagers didn’t want this development. Most interesting of all was the fact that the solicitor representing the developer was the husband of the land owner wanting to sell the land which is valued at £1M per acre and the development will cover 300 acres!! Conflict of Interest is screaming out here.

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