UKAEA Open Evening Invitation

Have you ever wondered what happens at Culham Science Centre?

Come along to a virtual open evening on Wednesday 12th May (6–7.30pm) dedicated to local communities, and learn more about the UK Atomic Energy Authority’s ground-breaking work in bringing fusion (the power source of the Sun and stars) down to Earth to provide low carbon, abundant electricity in the future.

The evening will comprise an introduction to fusion, virtual tours of UKAEA’s fascinating fusion experiments:

  • The world’s largest fusion machine – the Joint European Torus or JET – that UKAEA operates on behalf of the EU fusion research community;
  • UKAEA’s own innovative MAST Upgrade experiment – which explores a quicker and more compact route to fusion powerplants;

and a chance for you to ask questions of fusion scientists and engineers who work at Culham in virtual breakout rooms.

Please register for this event here:

You will be contacted with a personal Zoom link to the event.

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