Vanderbilt Homes Consultation Deadline

The consultation on Vanderbilt Homes’ latest set of amendments (dated 24th July) to its planning application for the housing development on the corner of Fieldside and Didcot Road ends tomorrow (Friday 14th August).

Residents are encouraged to submit their opinions before the deadline expires.  The documents can be viewed and comments made here:

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3 Responses to Vanderbilt Homes Consultation Deadline

  1. Debra Steele says:

    Terribly dangerous place to build houses, the road is far too fast, plus the blind corner.

    We live opposite & have disagreed with this from day 1.

    Do not want the road moved closer to our properties. It is all just pathetic & in the wrong part of the village & should have been up the other end where there are less houses.

    • Chris Waites says:

      Agree with most of what you say but the road should have traffic calming whether or not the houses are built. Clearly the majority of drivers enter and leave the village well in excess of 30mph, and it just makes the village feel like a rat run. We are in theory one of the priority routes for sustainable travel by the council as a Didcot – Culham Science Centre route, though you’d be hard pressed to see any evidence.

      • Donna King says:

        we have been saying for years about the speed of the traffic entering the village and have asked time and time again for a hump before saxons heath!!!the chicane they put in has caused nothing but trouble ,cars speeding through it .It really is not difficult to do things so they work well……Got sick of saying this over and over again…..

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