Village Apple Day – Sunday 20th October

Announcing the 4th Annual Long Wittenham Village Apple Day at the Sylva Wood Centre on Sunday 20th October organised by Wittenham Warriors and hosted by the Sylva Foundation.

Have your home grown apples turned into delicious juice in six easy steps:

1. Bring along boxes/bags of washed, dry apples that are free from bruising and mould to the Wood Centre from 10am – 12noon.  The quality of the fruit determines the quality of the juice.

2. Your apples will be weighed to calculate how many bottles of juice they will provide and you will be issued with a collection ticket.  Approximately 2kg apples = one 75cl bottle of juice.

3. Your apples will be added to others if necessary to make up a full load to go into the apple mill where they will be crushed.

4. The crushed apples are put into the apple press and, with the aid of high pressure water, are pressed to produce juice (no water is added to the juice).  Vitamin C is added to prevent the apples browning.

5. The juice is bottled and capped (bottles are provided) and placed into the pasteuriser where it is heated to at least 70 degrees centigrade and held at this temperature for twenty minutes.  This kills off any bacteria and gives the juice a shelf life of up to eighteen months.

6. Once cooled, the bottles of juice are ready for collection and consumption.  Collection is from 1pm until 3pm.

So that the cost of bottles/caps/extra pasteuriser/equipment is covered there will be a charge of £2 per bottle of juice.  If you would like to show your appreciation for the service there will be a donations box, and any monies will go towards future village projects.

If you would like to donate or have more apples than you want to juice, please let the organisers have them as they can sell the bottles of juice to others in the community who don’t have access to apple trees.  If you are unable to get your apples to the Wood Centre then let the organisers know and they will try to arrange collection.

For more information contact Sally Duff on 01865 407788/07899 097612 or at

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