Village Exhibition for Archaeology Finds

Vanderbilt Homes, the developers of the housing site on the corner of Fieldside and Didcot Road, plans to exhibit findings from its archaeological dig at an exhibition for the school and villagers.

As part of its obligations in developing the site, the company was required to carry out a detailed archaeological dig.  This revealed several very early post Roman burials and an emerging Anglo Saxon community, possibly based on German allied troops who served with the late Roman army.

Several of the burials contained weapons including swords, shields and spears.  Unfortunately these artifacts are currently undergoing conservation and won’t be available for display, but they will be shown in photographs.  The planned exhibition will show some of the smaller finds of pottery and small metal work objects.

The archaeological consultant to Vanderbilt Homes, Duncan Hawkins, said the archaeology of the site had proved fascinating and the company wanted to share its findings with the school and the local community.  He added: “We are looking at a presentation at the school and an exhibition in the village hall.”

The exhibition is expected to be held in the village sometime in April or May.

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