Village Meeting

The Parish Council has invited Vanderbilt Homes to a village meeting to discuss its plans for the housing development on the corner of Fieldside and Didcot Road.

It will take place in the village hall on Tuesday 19th November starting at 7:30pm.  It is a public meeting and all are invited to attend.

This will be an opportunity for residents to ask questions.

The plans for the development are here:

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6 Responses to Village Meeting

  1. Debra Steele says:

    This development is already an accident waiting to happen with the lorries entering Fieldside on the corner. Road is covered in mud. Lets hope they find a pot of gold and build somewhere else.

  2. David Haylett says:

    What about the 200 or so Saxon graves I understand they have found? I know Saxon’s Heath is called that because it was built on part of a Saxon cemetery but that was in the 1950s when we didn’t know any better or care about our heritage, but this 2019 and I hope we are no longer prepared to vandalise our heritage. I cannot be at the meeting on 19th but I hope someone has the courage to ask the question. Come on Parish Council!!

  3. Gordon Rogers, Chairman LWPC says:

    Thank you Debra and David for your comments.

    Vanderbilt Homes has confirmed that the archaeologists have so far uncovered approximately 20 graves – not 200. The Parish Council shares your concerns about our village heritage and these issues can be explored at Tuesday night’s meeting.

    Thank you also Debra for raising your concern about mud deposits on the main road. This matter can also be raised.

    The Parish Council has invited Vanderbilt Homes to explain more about their proposals to village residents. We hope as many people as possible will attend.

  4. Donna King says:

    I Know villages have to accept development,but to change a road to accommodate this was in my opinion disgraceful and should never have been allowed to be approved.In the future there will be no villages ,thanks to greedy people ,also the state of this country and flooding ,its not rocket science DONT BUILD ON FLOOD PLAINS!!!!!


  5. mike duff says:

    Donna, as I understand it once Kler gained consent to build the houses on the site the law requires the Local Highway Authority (i.e. OCC) to grant the consent to provide the sight lines which are, themselves, safety provisions.

    Building on a flood plain doesn’t make sense but is this site listed as being flood plain?

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