Virtual Parish Council Meetings

Residents will be aware that the Parish Council cancelled this month’s meeting owing to the current Covid situation.  At the start of the pandemic, the Government passed legislation to allow councils to meet remotely.  That legislation expired in May last year and since then, councils have been required by law to meet face-to-face.

National organisations such as the National Association of Local Councils (NALC), Local Government Association (LGA), Association of Democratic Service Officers (ADSO) and Lawyers in Local Government have been lobbying since May 2021 to allow the option of returning to virtual meetings.  The Government has yet to respond to its own call for evidence.  Oxfordshire MP’s have been lobbied on this matter; most are supportive, although John Howell MP is yet to be convinced.

The Parish Council does not wish to hold all its meeting remotely, but it would like the option when circumstances make it appropriate.

ADSO and LLG have raised a petition on as a further attempt to promote the option of allowing virtual meetings.

Residents who support this proposal are encouraged to sign the petition here:

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